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I have to agree with Rick, this wouldn't be practical for my business either. I am very careful, I don't have time to call the power company for 5 or 10 houses a week. I have been doing this for 24 years and so far, being careful has worked.

     It takes a little longer to work around power lines, but it can and has been done. I don't have any secrets, just go slow and watch the lines. There are times when I am on a roof and have to step over lines. Where I live, they are every where.

Jack Nelson

With all due respect, it's like driving without your seat belt on, just because you don't get in an accident doesn't mean it is safe. Just means your numbers not up yet or maybe that's not the way you'll draw your number. Why take that chance for a couple bucks?

There was a window cleaner locally who was electrocuted a few years back because the electricity was supposed to be turned off and it wasn't. Darned electricity was on even though he was told it would be off.

Troy Liposec
PacifiClear Window Cleaning
So. Orange County, CA

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