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Hey Terri,  I will watch out for ya any time.
As for reading your mind...... :)
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Don - you must have been reading my mind- I think we hit send at the same time.
Thanks for watching out for me....
Terri Hunter

Don <> wrote:
Gary,  Another great event!  You are getting pretty good at it :)
It was great meeting some of you who were not at last years picnic.  And some were missed. Like Joe and Teri Hunter.  I know Teri will be pleased to know that I didn't win the sponge toss!, but Teri I was in a 3 way tie for second.....and I would have beaten you in the window cleaning contest!!!!
Shawn took top honors in the morning fishing contest and I won the afternoon...Sorry Gary but this is the second time you came in second :)  I think your fish weighed 13 . something :)
Ron Friman needs to tell his wonderful bride that she doesn't need new golf clubs.  Hers hit plenty far...Maybe Ron needs the new ones :)
The pressure washing and waterfed pole demos were informative and well attended.
Thank all who attended the safety seminars.  The IWCA puts a lot of time and effort in bringing these safety meetings around the country so that we can reach as many window cleaners as possible.  I believe there were 44 attendees at this one.
It was great being there and I am gonna make the next one as well.  Marcus, hope to see you next time.
Don Chute
Marietta, GA

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