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From "George Support" <addressis@removed>
Date Fri, 1 Aug 2003 16:34:39 +0100

Hi Guys

We just uploaded the new version (V3.55) to our website.

It has 3 new Job Frequencies requested by our Users (Last xxxDay of the
Month, Twice a Month 1st and 3rd Week and Twice a Month 2nd and 4th Week)
plus a number of internal enhancements.

There is also a smarter automated backup routine and the ability to disable
it (in System/Settings) if you prefer to do a backup every time you use

For those of you using PocketGeorge there is now new version (V1.40) plus a
standalone configuration program which will allow you to transfer different
WorkLists and DebtLists to different Palms (so you can give your guys a Palm
each with just their own work on it and collect all their data at the end of
the day with the press of a single button) or just select which lists you
want to transfer to your Palm if you are only using one. Please remember to
follow the upgrade procedure described on our site when upgrading

Paul Sanders
George Systems

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