Re: [World] Window Cleaner Saved in Michigan

From addressis@removed
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 19:43:56 -0400

Hey Mark,

So he was chair jumping. My goodness, his lanyard connection must have been 
quite a few feet down. It probably slipped a bit too since it sounds like it 
was close to a fall factor 1.5, and perhaps that is why he was 10 to 15 feet 
down. Scary stuff. I wonder what kind of fall arrest device he was using. Do 
you happen to know?

Regarding edge managment and rope orderliness, I know what you mean. The 
etrier (webbing ladder) really does work well though.

My issues are mostly about establishing certain rules (that by nature negate 
any bad habits if there are), having and using the right and most versatile 
equipment, and knowing how to use that equipment in all its ways, which 
includes self and partner rescue because a person should be able to perform 
most rescues with his regular usage set-up if he has selected the right tools 
for regular work in the first place. 

Lastly, I would be delighted to come up and offer methods and suggestions for 
your companies consideration. Depending on how many people you wanted to be 
involved, you might consider going in on it with another company which will 
cut costs for you both. When you're ready, contact me and I can inform you of 
the details and then go from there.

Adam Noble
Fort Wayne, IN

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