Re: [World] Distilled water vs DI water

From "santa" <addressis@removed>
Date Sat, 2 Aug 2003 18:54:17 +0100

Its the way I started off, I had extension tubes that went 16ft, I liked the manouverability and then added a small flojet pump and a 12v battery. Then I stuck it all on a back pack been using it for a few years now with Unger 5 section pole, no draging hoses its great,. I use RO water because I also drink it.
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I did this yesterday on a big home--there's one windows that can't be reached with a ladder and because of the angle, it's very difficult to pole--so I used a pump sprayer filled with distilled water ---the results were near perfect--It's no Aqua Clean or Tucker, but it only cost me a couple of bucks and it works good for the "odd" window that I come across that I can't clean by hand or with a ladder.

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