RE: [World] The truth about electricity

From "Gary Mauer" <addressis@removed>
Date Sat, 2 Aug 2003 17:29:53 -0500

>>>Electricity will not jump from one contact to another. It must make 
>contact, period. In
other words if you touch the wire your toast (or dead squirrel). The squirrel 
touched the live wire and the neutral wire at the same time. Thus fried 
everything. If
electricity jumped no one would be able to work on the lines. -- Scott 

I dunno - what's this "arcing" they're warning us about then?

It is real isn't it?

It just occurred to me that the property next to my house has been hit by 
lightning 5
I don't really want to get distracted by a discussion about lightning, but 
I'm pretty sure
the old gal who owned the place never touched anything.

I won't believe you if you say it isn't but maybe you could ask your dad - 
the former
power company guy - to help clarify that.

Anyway, please ask about that - and tell him thanks for the info.

Gary Mauer
Window Cleaning Network
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA

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