Re: [World] Additional Insured Rate

From "Griffith Lanthier" <addressis@removed>
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2003 09:54:32 -0400

I too have a new insurance co. who charges $100.00 per additional insured, 
and its been my experience that only larger corporations want this sort of 
clause.....being armed with this knowledge, i just pass the cost on to the 
customer, informing them of the charge.......i did have to do some 
schmoozing to existing customers, to pass the costs onto them....but again,  
a comany that wants, or needs that additional insured status, knows all to 
well whats been going on in the insurance industry already, and 
Hope this helps

Griffith Lanthier
Buffalo, New York

>From: "Award Window Cleaning Services" <>
>To: "World@Mail. Wcmail. Net" <>
>Subject: [World] Additional Insured Rate
>Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 11:23:25 -0700
>Hello All,
>I canceled my old insurance and went with big saving with another agency.
>After doing so the old agency hit me with two bills for endorsement of
>additional insured. Both endorsements almost three months before they 
>me. The cost was $102.50 per endorsement.
>What is your rate? I figure around $30.00 per endorsement. Had other
>endorsements at no charge. They said they figured it into the original
>premium. I say BS.
>They just mad I canceled.
>Mark S.Reinhart
>Award Window Cleaning Services Inc.
>Do the GANA bulletin petition
>  - and help wipe out fabricating debris!

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