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Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 07:26:24 -1000
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You make a very good point.  Electricity is not an exact science.  It is a
living breathing force that can behave irrationally so always take
precautions even on the driest of days.

Scott Daigle
HEOSH (High Elevation Operations for Safety & Health)

on 8/1/2003 5:33 AM, Gords Window Cleaning at

> We had an aluminum ext ladder set up on the side of a building. We left for
> a break. It was aprox 4' from a high voltage box on the ground. We heard a
> zap, came back to the ladder and Electricity had arced to the ladder. There
> was a small area on the ladder that had a burn on it. The reason I bring
> this up is because we were unaware that "Caution High voltage" really means
> stay away. Electricity does arc. Electricity can jump, It arcs here in
> Alberta and it arcs in California, humidity or not. Beware and follow the
> rules.
> Gordon Perrott
> Gords Window Cleaning
> Edmonton Alberta Canada
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>>>>> I would think that humidity is a big part of arcing. I don't recall
> ever hearing of
>> arcing in this part of the state. Does anybody? -- Manuel Lopez<<<
>> I dunno, Manuel.
>> Maybe you should call the power company, and ask them if anyone in
> Southern California
>> ever got killed that way.
>> If you don't actually KNOW that it's safe to ignore the 10 foot clearance
> thing, I don't
>> think it's safe to talk yourself and others into ignoring it.
>> Yes, the power company uses fiberglass ladders - but they know what they
> are doing. They
>> know when to shut things off and whether humidity is a factor when you
> climb a ladder to
>> get up close and personal with a power line.
>> And another thing - in spite of the fact that they don't sling wet tools
> around when they
>> are working - they have deaths in that industry, too.
>> 10 feet - that's as close as I'm gonna get.
>> Gary Mauer
>> Window Cleaning Network
>> Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA
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> Do the GANA bulletin petition
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