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I've never calculated a per sq. ft price or any formula. I just look at the deck. They vary too much here in surface types; how dirty they are; and access. You have to possess some knowledge in time needed for these various issues and then multiply by your expected hourly rate etc.
Kevin Troughton
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Vancouver, Canada
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I charge by the square foot of the deck floor surface and include the railing. I am in the range of $1.50+ per square foot. I charge more for second story deck work and for any obstructions (bushes and whatever else) that would slow me down. I prefer Sherwin-Williams products and I apply them by hand.
The customer is the one who determines if the deck is to be cleaned or cleaned and sealed. If I clean it only, I am in the $0.80 per square foot range.

Hope this helps.

        Paul R. Valenta
Absolute Window Cleaning Inc.
            Atlanta, GA

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