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Thanks Scott, this has been most informative.
We have some old neighborhoods here and a lot of exposed 120V lines running into houses. The wires are so old, the sheathing has degraded off the wire leaving it exposed.
Once I got too close to one of these while cleaning gutters and got a slight fuzzy shock or buzz. I don't know if this was arcing as you mention. But it lasted a second until I moved my hand far enough away. I was about 1" from the wire when this occured.
Kevin Troughton
K & L Windows
Vancouver, Canada
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I wonder if, instead of "It must make contact, period." - maybe you meant, "It must make
contact, FIRST"?

Yes, wrong wording on my part. But if the wires are bad. By bad I mean cut.
Then you have a problem. So if the wires look wrong to you don't go near it and call the power company.

Would you be safe making only momentary contact?

NO!! this is what will kill you. A touch is all it takes. Electricity has a habit of grabbing anything it touches.  When working around wires assume the worse is going to happen to you! Like tripping when caring the pole or a blast of wind coming by and moving it on you. If anything can touch the wire it is unsafe!! The way I always look at it is I look where the wire is at and think of it as a death machine and if you or any of your equipment touch it you die. On a ladder you've got to think if I feel like I'm falling or I am and I stretch my arms with equipment will I touch the wires? If so then your to close!

You then draw the metal away from the contact, and the electricity keeps running through
you - arcing to the metal you are holding, until you get it far enough away.

You won't be able to do this. It contracts all your muscles that are touching it.

As for your advice to "get as close as you feel comfortable and safe" - I disagree - you
want to only get as close as you actually ARE safe. Just because you're not worried about
a hazard, it doesn't mean you actually ARE safe.

That is correct and it is my fault for wording it wrong.

Scott Grandsard
C & S Window Cleaning
Carpentersville, Il

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