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We let our route people collect cash.  They are paid on percentage, so I'm not worried about them knowing the charges.  But even if they were hourly I don't think I would worry abut them knowing what we charged -- we allow everyone to make storefront sales, so they all know what our pricing structure is anyway.
We do have a system set up that everyone who touches the cash signs it off to the next person.  The cleaner hands the cash to the route manager and gets her signature.  The route manager hands it to me and gets my signature.  It just allows you to always keep track of the cash -- as you get bigger you can't count on your memory.

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For you guys with 1 or more employees involved in route work, I have a question(or anyone kind enough to respond w/opinion). Do you let employee collect money at job if it is a cash stop? Do you have them have a ticket signed w/o pricing info on it? For a percentage employee it shouldn't be a problem but I'm considering hourly employees. How much is too much for an employee to know?    Thanks for replies, John Cottle Paneless Window Cleaning Service- S.A. Tx.

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