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That's some great add on tips. What I do with my clients is that if I see some great looking landscaping, I just go and cover it up with a tarp of a black construction plastic. This way the items from the gutters well run down the bag onto the concrete or grass. I only use the red tip to lift leaves off of the gutters, then I use the green tip to clean the inside and the down spouts. We use eye ware for the most part. We don't really use rain suits except for when we do power wash two story homes. We also offer as an added service to the client to have their windows washed on the outside. If the client agrees, we have someon  behind us and clean the windows after we get done cleaning the face of the gutters.
We also offer our services to commercial and multi complex duelings up to 3 stories.
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Great suggestions, Nino. We also use a pressure washer to clean gutters, if the landscaping below allows it. We don’t have many roofs here with a shallow pitch, so we have to work from a ladder. One other suggestion: we use the yellow tip for the first several feet next to the ladder, then put on the red tip for cleaning further away. This reduces the number of ladder placements. Important: On your way back down the ladder, be sure to spray any debris off the gutter face and wall/windows (using yellow tip). The pressure washer is also great for cleaning clogs from the downspout. We use rain gear to keep our clothing clean; some of the stuff that accumulates in gutters is really putrid. I’ve found some gutters completely full of filthy water because the drain was clogged.


If the landscaping is immaculate you’re better off cleaning the gutters by hand because you’ll spend more time cleaning up the mess than you save by using the pressure washer.


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We clean with a 2,600PSI power washer with a 150-200  foot hose. This way you can do the entire home while you have the power washer on one side. We have one person below picking up the leaves. Or sometimes when the roof isn't too steep, we pick them up while we are on top of the roof. Power washing gutters can be very dirty at first but your client well be very happy when you are done cleaning everything! Be sure to clean the down spouts. If the client has a french drain attached to the down spout, be sure to let the client know you do not clean the drain that leads to the street. If they want this done, it is just like jetting so let them know the charge is $165.00 per drain. There is a hose with the attachment for your you power washer that you can pu into the drains.
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