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I would definitely build it into your quotes next time, but for this invoice, I would have the gumption to ask them to pay your $80 fee for you since they were not up front. This might not make them very happy, but at least it might get the point across that you are not a push over........Now let my sense kick in here------is the job worth chunking out the $80 to get the job? If it was then, you might have to eat it this time.  I would be weary of clients that ask you to pay them so they can pay you, even if it through another company. You might be waiting on your $$ for months, if you even get it at all.

Good Luck. Let us know how this pans out.

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Hi Everyone,
I would like to ask you all for input on a problem i'm having. On March 19th I was called to do some window cleaning in a fitness center at a luxury condo complex in Chandler AZ, they were having investors visiting the property next day. So i went and did the job before the investors came,i gave the manager my invoice she told me the company is headquarted in richmond VA and they would mail me a check,i am still waiting to get paid as the company is trying to force me to join something called compliance depot who apparently process vendors invoices on behalf of the property company.the property company say they are impressed with the work i did and want to keep me as a vendor,now the problem im having is that to join compliance depot is 85 dollars per year per company. i was wondering if anyone out there has experienced anything similar as i object to having to pay money to have my invoices processed by a third party, if i was told this before i quoted i at least could have hidden the extra cost over the 4 times a year they want service but i was not told about it in advance.i would be grateful for any advice, i dont post very often but i read all emails sent to me and to be truthful being new to the game ive learnt a lot from you guys.
Ted Exley
Kleer Panes

PS Thanks Gary for pointing out my error when trying to post.

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