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A quick search on Compliance depot shows that CD does background checks on the companies and principals of those companies for property managers.
CD also checks W-9, certificates of insurance, etc.
Here's some info from their site:
  • Provides a level playing field for all vendors in that each will be required to furnish a certificate of insurance, proper licenses (when required) and criminal backgrounds on those providing services on a property. Vendors will no longer have to bid against other vendors that do not have insurance, licenses or criminal background checks in place.

  • ComplianceDepot will manage the vendor’s insurance certificate process which will include notices, prior to expiration, to the vendor and insurance agents so that the vendor will not have a lapse in insurance coverage.

  • The vendor that is registered with ComplianceDepot will have increased exposure to management companies searching for preferred compliant vendors.

  • Vendors will have the ability to screen their employees and subcontractors for criminal information and that information will be housed on the ComplianceDepot website. This service provides Vendor companies with an affordable National criminal and OFAC search.

  • Property Manager’s will have access to the ComplianceDepot website that maintains a database of background check information on participating vendor members and determine if the vendor’s employees/subcontractors have passed a background check.

  • The ComplianceDepot website provides vendors access 24/7 to the status of the screening process, as well as information needed to meet the screening criteria of our clients.

It looks like if you're going to continue to do business with this client, you may have to pony up the dough. I would talk it over with them, and divide the 85 by the next 3 services, because you did do them a solid with next day service, and you did get blind sided by this "need to join to get paid thing".

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In a message dated 5/1/2008 6:08:47 P.M. Central Daylight Time, addressis@removed writes:
     Lame deal of cards in that one!  It is common place these days for large companies to have vendors list.  I have never been on one that costed me though.  It doesn't seem reasonable that they hired you even though you weren't on the list. 
     So are you saying they cannot pay you without you paying the $85 and getting on the list?  Unfortunately, I would suspect your only recourse will be to either make phone calls and attempt to explain your situation to whomever they lead you to and hope they make an exception or pay the $85 and hope the future business is solid. 
      Last ditch would be using your lawyer.  I wouldn't go that route if at all possible. 
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