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I don’t know how they regenerate mixed bed resin.  Each type of resin (cation and anion) requires chemicals at the opposite end of the ph scale, acid and caustic.  My resin is in 2 separate tanks and are easily regenerated individually by myself.  I think the mixed bed systems are similar to the hire tanks where you take them to some-one else who does it and you either have to wait or swap it.  This is where twin tank systems are good.  You aren’t relying on some-one else (or paying them)  My twin 25 litre tanks cost me around $20 per regeneration and takes about 3-4 hours.


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Hello everybody. I am hoping for some help. We use our water-fed pole all day long. Always two houses and sometimes three a day. Our tank usually lasts a month. Give or take a couple of days.

All we do is use a rented tank from Culligan and use some adapters we bought at home depot to connect to our hose for the water-fed pole. We also have a filter the water goes through first to help the DI tank not work so hard.


If I were to buy a tank from someone like ABC Window Cleaning Supply how do I change out the, I think they call it, "resin?" Or how do I re-charge the tank again?


What is an average price of "re-charging" the DI tank?


Thanks in advance for your comments.


Deland Moghimi

Clearview Window Washing Service, Inc.


Orlando, FL



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