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Date Fri, 02 May 2008 09:21:21 -0400

John, I use your method, with the exception I use a synthetic sponge that I keep well wrung in my left hand that I give a quick swipe on the lead off edge of the frame. I also wipe the squeegee blade between pulls, then a quick swipe of the bottom ridge between rows of panes and I'm ready for the next row without having to detail the panes, if I keep my sponge well wrung. I think you will like the results of the sponge over the towel, as it saves a bunch of towel hassle.

Tim Reinagel 
Premier Window Cleaners
Thomaston GA

John Kieser wrote:
Hello group-
I'd like to hear the methods you use for cleaning cut-ups. First, I'll share mine.
1) Apply soapwater solution using a 5 inch strip washer.
2) Using a huck towel, dry both the edge the squeegee will start from, and the top edge.
3) Using a huck towel, dry the squeegee blade.
4) Squeegee accross from left to right, or right to left, angling the squeegee so that the the runoff water runs off the "bottom" edge of the squeegee.
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until pane is dry.
6) Detail edges with huck towel.
I believe this is a pretty standard method. However, I've seen some of you mention using DI water, and still others mention using "foam". I'm curious how DI water and/or foam changes the procedure. Do these or other methods shorten the production time vs. my method?
I do have a WFP, and I do use it on exterior cut-ups. However, I just put in a bid on a bank today that has a ton of interior cut-ups, and I'm seeking to cut production time if possible.

John Kieser
Metropolis Window Cleaning
Longmont, CO

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