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Hi Deland,
I use a mixed bed resin.  It appears more costly than the cation/anion setup, but its easier for me to use a mb tank (tank 1) until it gets to say 7-8 ppm, then put another tank (tank 2) after it.  i usually run tank one in this manner until it hits 100+ ppm, then reload it from resin i keep on hand.  Tank 2 is then running solo.  When tank 2 reaches, again, 7-8 ppm, I put tank 1 after it, using tank 2 as a prefilter of sorts.
Some of us use mb resin, some use split resins.  split tanks intrigue me, but for now, mb is working very well for me - virtually flawlessly.

Thank you,

Bob Hart
Sparkle Plenty Window Washing Service
Member Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce

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Hello everybody. I am hoping for some help. We use our water-fed pole all day long. Always two houses and sometimes three a day. Our tank usually lasts a month. Give or take a couple of days.
All we do is use a rented tank from Culligan and use some adapters we bought at home depot to connect to our hose for the water-fed pole. We also have a filter the water goes through first to help the DI tank not work so hard.
If I were to buy a tank from someone like ABC Window Cleaning Supply how do I change out the, I think they call it, "resin?" Or how do I re-charge the tank again?
What is an average price of "re-charging" the DI tank?
Thanks in advance for your comments.
Deland Moghimi
Clearview Window Washing Service, Inc.
Orlando, FL

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