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Date Fri, 2 May 2008 18:39:04 EDT

The WCR is a relatively new bulletin board. It's owned by Chris & Alex Lambrinides. If you were in San Diego, you probably met them. Sharp guys. I have a joke going with Chris that one day every one will be working for or buying from these two gentlemen. I'm only half kidding.
They own or operate:
All County Window Cleaning
The Window Cleaning Resource as a bulletin board style forum.
The Window Cleaning Resource as a window supply house.
They are an Ionics distributor (I think)
They are getting into pure water resources.
So, add it all up and the Lambrinides brothers have all their bases covered.
I know that Chris just extended free shipping to AUWC members forever. (Yet ANOTHER reason to join AUWC) That's a pretty sweet deal.
I have talked with window cleaners who have ordered things from them, and they seem to fill & ship them fast.
Talking to Chris on the phone, via email, or in person, he has always shown to me that he is an honest guy with a very good business sense and enough ambition to possibly take over the window cleaning world. Or at least re-shape the landscape a bit.
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I think you're referring to "The Window Cleaning Resource", a cleaning supply company run by Chris and Alex Lambrinides (of this network).

So far, their prices and customer service have been exemplary.

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What is this other window cleaning email group that keeps spaming my
different e-mail accounts?
They seem to be supplier backed, or a supplier themselves, and it looks
professional, so outside of trying to drive sales, they talk about standard
issues, and give a big bang with topics. I have to register with my info to
see their stuff though, I have not yet.

I will say great marketing, to a point.
The point is they don't identify their source, who created it? I like a
mystery, but I have no time, as I am always slammed with work. Also they
are unknown. What happens to my information if I give it to them? Also, how
many new supply companies have come and gone? The email concept is cute,
how many substantial companies order from a new cute company?

So are they going after the new businesses in this economy? History says
they will mostly fail. So if they are not a larger company, c'est la vie.

Glen Holzman
Salem, OR

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