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Dingos? I don't think that kind of thing is peculiar to just Australia. When I was being trained as a tile finisher (that's the guy who preps the surface for the tile layer and does the grout work after the tiles have been set), I had to scrape a glob of hard putty off of a bathtub, and when I got it off there was a quarter size chunk of the white finish chipped off. I thought I had done it while removing the putty, but my trainer told me that the contractors do that all the time when they drop a heavy tool onto something and chip it, to cover their damage.                                           Bob Dooley                                                                           I Can See Clearly Now                                                           Sixes, Or

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You must have dog (or should i say Dingo) contractors down under.  I know that none of our builders here in the US would even think to do such an underhanded thing ;-)
Thank you,

Bob Hart
Sparkle Plenty Window Washing Service
Member Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce

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Bob Hart Said

I will lay down $100 to your $10 that the glass is already scratched.”

I know of builders who, when finding out how much a professional (informed) window cleaner charges for CCU’s, will get a labourer onto the windows with a paint scraper.  Lo and behold, scratched windows.  No problem, dirty them up again and find an insured window cleaner to do the job, then sue the pants off him for scratching the glass.


You’ll know these builders because they always ask if you’re insured first.  Cos, they want to use your insurance!


Builders, when getting original quotes for cleaning the glass, see $2,000 coming out of the $40,000 left in the building account.  Not $2,000 out of the original $240,000.  It’s a lot lower $$$ pool when we are doing our quote and the builder is less likely to want to pay for something they should have foreseen would be a problem. 


A good builder will:

·          Protect the glass and frames during construction.  I have never known a builder to do this!

·          Ensure other tradesmen respect the windows. Few builders do this and even fewer tradesmen.

·         Get the final clean of the glass at the appropriate time. i.e. when all other tradesmen have finished.



It defies logic that every builder I have known over 30 years, will not give a rats about the windows and then bitch like anything when they have to pay for their negligence!



Yours sincerely,

Brett Curtis

Master Window Cleaners

Perth Western Australia

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