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Date Sun, 4 May 2008 09:24:33 EDT

Racenstein sells those uber-cool pole clamps now. If I had a van, I'd be wanting some of those.
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I just purchased a Chevy 2500 express van. I am in the process of setting it up for my needs. Any and all suggestions of what you have experienced setting up your truck is appreciated. I will install my WFP setup inside, no tank.

I would like input of how others store the water fed poles, I think I like the idea of PVC pipe on ceiling of van and slide the collapsed pole inside.

Does anyone use the Jet Rack stepladder storage system? It keeps your stepladder mounted inside the van and on the ceiling. Looks like a great way to keep the larger ladders out of the way until it is needed. Is there something better?

Any other suggestions or thoughts are appreciated.

The van came with three large bin storage shelves systems, the cab separation partition, file /clipboard between the seats organizer, Heavy-duty padded floor mat, class three hitch.



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